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Custom Design

⟡Custom Design⟡

C.P. Diamonds provides you with the comfort of a personalized service through our website where we work together to create your perfect gift, hand-made by a local craftsman at an affordable price.  

Here’s a look at our Custom Design Process.

⟡Step 1: Design and Concept Creation

Once we define the specifics for each request, we create a model that best reflects what the customer has asked for, and then together make changes to hone the design until we have the perfect customer piece. 

⟡Step 2: Price Quote

Once we have the chosen design as well as specifics such as ring size, color, and material, we provide the customer with a detailed price quote based on these characteristics.

⟡Step 3: Create the Ring

After receiving a deposit on the purchase, we get right to modeling the ring in our 3D software, using our team of local craftsmen to finalize the design.

⟡Step 4: Shipping

Finally, once a thorough quality check is completed we ship the ring to the address provided by the customer. If necessary, we may be able to send any pictures or details beforehand if requested.

Please contact Chris@cpdiamonds.com

Custom Design

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